Episode 2: Portrait No.6

Hey there,

This is the second short video and this time I wanna talk about happy accidents and this photo is the perfect example in my opinion.

I was at a friend’s wedding, I wasn’t the main photographer, and, I was taking some behind the scene photos

Once I got home and downloaded the photos this particular one of the bride’s maid of honor really struck me.

She was so joyful and happy, showing true emotions and I had to try turning into a portrait.

At first glance I was concerned that the eyes weren’t going to be sharp enough since this was a snap while she walked through a door and I had to crop it quite a lot. I guess Leica’s autofocus is pretty good after all and I’m quite happy with the final result.

Here is the raw photo, as you can see it’s a snap, nothing planned and so there are a lot of competing elements, especially in the background and the framing.

Raw photo

Raw photo

Once I cropped it I wanted to grab the viewer’s attention right away and let that joy transpire immediately. 

To achieve that I needed high contrast elements so I’ve lighten the skin almost to the clipping point and turn everything else around her black.

I also did sharpen the eyes a little bit.

Final image with blab aground and altered skin and eyes

Final image with blab aground and altered skin and eyes

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or feedback please use the comments area below.

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